TOMM – Issue 204


Issue #204 of The Old Machinery Magazine is full of engines, tractors and even a tank to excite our readers, as we are Australia’s leading Vintage Machinery Magazine. This month, TOMM is chocked full of articles to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Featuring articles by:
•  Rob Zavone
•  Peter Evans
•  Alan Wilson

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This issue, we cover the stationary engines at the Neunen Rally in Europe, as well as 100 year old Jelbart engine in Australia and the intriguing Pyramid Industrial Truck.
Tractor enthusiasts are well catered for with Rob Zavone’s NHMA Tractor Pictorial which covers so many of these unique machines as well as restoration articles on Sarah Tiller’s David Brown 25C Tractor and the new breath of life that is received by a D4 Caterpillar.
As always, we have the history buffs entertained with the story of Farming in the Wimmera and Peter Evans gives us detailed insight into Collins’ Union Woollen Mills.
We also have reports in Club Clippings on the 15th Annual Tracmach event as well as the Bellarine Vintage Machinery Groups first tractor trek. Military and machinery enthusiasts can read up on the Stuart Tank in Alan Wilson’s article, Heavy Artillery.
With two pages crammed full of upcoming rallies and events around the country in Down The Track, news and letters from interested readers, Identity Parade and help sections.
There is also some major auctions advertised that are coming up where you could snag yourself a rare item or three. Last but certainly not least, the Classifieds section has 8 pages of engines, tractors and others items up for sale.


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