TOMM – Issue 207


Issue #207 of The Old Machinery Magazine continues to enthral readers as it lives the mission of being Australia’s leading Vintage Machinery Magazine.

Featuring articles by:
•  Tony Petch
•  Tim Keenan
•  Peter Evans
•  Jim Gibson

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This month, TOMM is full of a plethora of articles to entice all machinery fans. This issue, we start this issue on a somber note, covering the bushfire crisis that has engulfed Australia and how this has effected machinery enthusiasts.

Steam enthusiasts are entertained with the restoration story of the Robey engine and Brooksey’s Mill in WA, which used steam in the sawmill. There is a detailed story on the Billabong and Tangye engines of the Psyche Bend Pump station and we cover the May Brothers Reaper Stripper.

Tony Petch shares with us Part 1 of Heavy Equipment Photography and with the NHMA Tractor Trek coming soon, we have the story of Arthur’s Fordson Major.

Tim Keenan provided a detailed article, that covers the Descaling of Large Engines and Jim Gibson shares with use the changes in many industries since the invention of the internal combustion engine with his story ‘Architects of Progress’.

We have history buffs entertained with the a look into the 70 years of the Snowy Mountain Scheme as well as Peter Evans delving into bellows, with his in-depth article on J. Porta & Sons. We also have lots of photos from the Sydney Antique Machinery Club Junior Group who are making an impact at rallies in NSW.

As always we have the usual features of rallies and events coming up around Australia in Down The Track, news and letters from interested readers, Identity Parade and help sections, as well as Auction Reports and Days Gone By and of course everyone’s favourite, the Classifieds section where a host of engines, tractors and others items are up for sale, as well as four upcoming clearing sales across the country.

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