TOMM – Issue 209


Issue #209 of The Old Machinery Magazine continues enthral readers as Australia’s leading Vintage Machinery Magazine. This month, TOMM is filled with large articles to suit and entice all readers tastes.

Featuring articles by:

  • Luke Franks
  • Tim Keenan
  • Ken Nicklas
  • Patrick Knight
  • Peter Evans

• • • • • • • •

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In this issue, we cover Luke Franks restoration of the hit and miss 1912 IHC Famous 2hp Vertical Engine, where he details the trials and tribulations of a project that turned out to be bigger than he expected. Tim Keenan provides an in-depth article on gramme dynamos with his article on ‘A Very Handy Device’, which details the devices history from 1880 when it was produced in France.

We also cover the re-restoration of a 1925 John Deere, which is an in-depth article by Ken Nicklas, as he covers Peter Sands “Spoker” D which was damaged in the 2011 Queensland floods. Patrick Knight has an informative article on the small Lister VA Diesel Engine which was popping up in light industrial and agricultural applications, the VA basically and air-cooled version of the CS engine. This month in Club Clippings, we cover the New England Antique Machinery Clubs 33rd Rally. In Lives of the Engineers, our History buffs are entertained with Peter Evans cover the famed Cliff and Bunting’ from their roots in Victorian economic ‘boom’ in the late 1800s. as general engineers and makers of agricultural machinery.

This issue has an expanded News & Letters from our readers with a follow up on the Johnson Portable Boiler and the first inspection sheet. The Help and Identity Parade sections are full of readers looking for information and passing on replies from past issues. Everyone’s favourite classifieds – has been expanded again with a host of engines, tractors, parts and garaginalia up for sale as well as lots of readers seeking items.


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